Added new web cams side bar links

As I mentioned in the comments in this post I was thinking of adding the web cams to the side bar if I ever found or received links to others.  Just yesterday I came across the one in the Expo Park so now I’ve added the list to the right side bar under the Osaka Photos links.

The web cams are best during the day time and the Takatsuki one is my favourite.  As always if there are any others (I’m sure there are more than 3), please leave us a comment.  Thanks!

5 responses to “Added new web cams side bar links

  1. That’s an excellent find Janne. I’ll add it to the list. I couldn’t see much at night, but during the day it is pretty clear.

    I thought I came across a web cam in Umeda somewhere but I couldn’t find it again. Maybe I was just mistaken…

  2. Janne, added the link, I found the original site by Toshiba so used that one. I also found a few more but some require RealPlayer or Windows Media (like the Umeda Sky Building one) so I won’t bother linking to those.

  3. The controllable camera at Takatsuki is way cool!

  4. neckleaper

    Are these webcam links still up? I’ve tried to get on but, my browser can’t find the address.

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