Midosuji OpenFesta (11th May 2008)

There’s going to be another street festival along the Midosuji Boulevard this Sunday (11th May). It will be between the Nagahoridori and Sennichimaedori. Roughly between Sogo and Namba if you are not familiar with the road names.

It’s from 2pm to 5pm (opening ceremony at 1.45pm close to the Sogo end) and there will be different theme areas. Starting at the Sogo end, the areas are Art, Fashion, Sports, Jazz and Dance. Highlights include appearances of Osaka Evessa at the Sports Area and the 3 Jazz stages. I do hope that they have made the stages raised after the viewing problems of the last time.

There’s also going to be a guest appearance of the popular comedy duo 藤崎マーケット best known for their La-La-La-Lai Taiso act.

Some other info, if it rains (which is likely) the event will still go ahead.   If you have a baby or toddler and need changing or feeding facilities Sogo’s 9F has a very good mother and baby area.  Finally I haven’t been able to find a web site with information in either English or Japanese!

Have fun if you go, and send us some photos!

3 responses to “Midosuji OpenFesta (11th May 2008)

  1. Sup Ian, hows life? Hows the little one mate?
    Just thought i’d let ya know that I’m planning to come to Osaka in a few months. So be prepared heh 😉


  2. Hello, my name is CHAMO.
    I’m from Osaka!
    Do you know La-La-La-Lai Taiso!? It’s amazing!!
    I like them!

  3. can you pls tell me more info about that!!!!! i love to go!!!! i am still very new to osaka!!!! thx ^^

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