Osaka IKEA store planned for the summer

There’s been a lot of hype and publicity about the Kobe IKEA store that opened in April. It definitely lives up to its hype, being massive, fairly good value and with a huge range. I’m eyeing a bean bag tray for my laptop.

Strangely, what hasn’t been publicised is that IKEA will be opening up a store in Osaka. Not far from where I work in fact. I guess they don’t want to steal the thunder of the Kobe store so soon after its grand opening. I found out by chance when I was talking to a friend who works at IKEA. Here’s a link to the Osaka store place-holder page on the IKEA site. It has a map but no details of opening date or opening hours.

Word is that it will open sometime in August so there’s only another few months to wait. I’ll post more information when it is released.  I’m really looking forward to shopping (or just window shopping) there.

BTW. Don’t be mislead be the map, it is quite far from Taisho station and the Osaka Dome.

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  1. Yep, according to my “sources” they open in mid or late July. And it is very convenient for us too, right on the subway line going past us here.

    Of course, you don’t go there buying furniture all the time, but for Swedish people Ikea is a lifesaver. They carry all kinds of specific Swedish foods that are sometimes hopeless to find abroad otherwise. We tend to see them as a speciality grocer that happens to have a huge furniture department out in the back. ^_^

  2. yeah, i’m really excited about the store opening in Osaka! I’m moving to Osaka next week tho and i really wish I could buy a sofa-bed and have it delivered in time for my arrival!

    sigh. guess i’ll buy a cheap futon for the meantime..

    think they’ll process online orders anytime in the near future? can this new store be accessed if you don’t have a car?

  3. Castaway, the Kobe store isn’t that far away either; just go there and have your sofa-bed delivered.

    You won’t be able to order online. IKEA has stated that they’ll keep online ordering in those countries which already has it (mostly Sweden and the US I think), but will not enable it in any other markets. I think they’ve come to the conclusion that their stores are their core business and don’t want people to be able to bypass them.

  4. The opening day of IKEA Tsuruhama (Osaka) is Aug. 1, 2008. (It’s official.)

    New store will provide free shuttle bus from train station (that would be JR Taisho but it’s TBD).

    Kobe Port-Island store also runs free shuttle from Sannomiya.


  5. Thanks wolfy. I missed the announcement. I certainly hope that the shuttle will be from JR Taisho as it would make it rather handy.

    Janne, it is a pity that there won’t be any online ordering. These days because of limited time after work and weekends, the amount of stuff we order on-line has increased. Still, can understand the theory behind the decision. Meet you there for lunch sometime?

  6. Ian, for Swedish people living abroad – like me – IKEA basically is a Swedish restaurant and speciality food shop that just happens to sell furniture and stuff in the back. I’m just happy they focus on the stores, not on online ordering.

    IKEA did start as a mail-order business. The basic idea Ingvar Kamprad had was that flat packages and self-assembly would make cheap delivery across the country feasible. The stores came only later.

    We’d be happy to see you at IKEA – though didn’t you have an Indian restaurant in Osaka you wanted to show as well? 🙂

  7. I believe IKEA Tokyo opens Nov. 17ish

  8. Indeed, it’s rather a long story. The Indian who owed it, did a runner. Left it in the hands of a Nepalese friend who had some Indian cook experience. Though “dumped it on him” might be better words.

    We went there about a month and a half ago and it had just reopened. The Nepalese chef still didn’t know where to get the basic ingredients he needed (or even beer for that matter). He was a nice enough guy and we drew him a basic map of the area to help him out but we haven’t had the chance to drop by to check if he managed to get on top of things.

    He did tell us, he was pondering a change of menu so it might have become a Nepalese restaurant by now.

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