Osaka’s Live Web Cam

There must be more than one but I haven’t found any others.  It is located at the end of DenDen Town and points to the area around the Tsutenkaku Tower. No, it won’t be any use if you are hoping to spot cute girls around Osaka but it is controllable and it is live.  You’ll need Java to see and control the web-cam.

Here’s the  official and original page (controls are in Japanese):

and here is the same cam with the controls in English:

If you read Japanese then the original page has some information on the weather forecast as indicated by the colours displayed by the Tsutenkaku Tower.

If you know of any other web cams of the Osaka area please post a comment to tell us about it.

7 responses to “Osaka’s Live Web Cam

  1. Wow! Cool!
    I didn’t know this.

  2. Hey Ian, thats a really cool find, anymore of these?? or maybe even in Tokyo? Would mind keeping this on all day haha 😛

  3. There’s a high-quality camera outside Hankyu Takatsuki station, halfway between Osaka and Kyoto to the north, mounted on the front of a shop called Morimoto that’s been a fixture of Takatsuki for at least the 15 years that I’ve been here. Rather than being freely controllable, there are some preset orientations that you can swing the camera around to. I first ran across this camera about a year ago.

    (change the final “2” in the URL to a “1” to get the Japanese interface)

  4. Pres, thanks! That’s a pretty good find. I love the quality of the feed, and I think I know the type of camera that is being used.

    I think I’ll make a new sidebar list for web cams of Osaka if there are any more that turn up.

  5. Hi, sadly it does not work the link of Takatsuki.
    I had the url before but now I get this message:
    Not Found
    The requested URL /CgiStart was not found on this server.

    Bye Zapguz aka Guus veldhuis

  6. You’re right. Seems that it’s been taken down, or does someone have a new link?

  7. No, it looks like the camera itself is gone from in front of the store. Too bad, it was kind of nifty.

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