Universal Studios Japan Yearly Pass Offer

As I mentioned in my previous post, Universal Studios Japan are running a special offer for their yearly passes (until 31st Jan). They are called the Gold Pass and the Platinum Pass. They let you get into the attraction park as many times as you like for a year but there are some exception dates for the gold pass. There are no exceptions for the Platinum Pass.

Here are the prices (regular prices are in square brackets)

  • Gold Pass Adult: 11500 Yen [22000 Yen]
  • Gold Pass Children: 8200 Yen [16000 Yen]
  • Platinum Pass Adult: 17300 Yen [28000 Yen]
  • Platinum Pass Children: 11500 Yen [20000 Yen]

Since USJ haven’t bothered to update their page on their English site, here are the days you can’t use the USJ Gold Pass in Japanese. You can only order online if you can understand Japanese, so the best way is probably to go there directly or to ask a friend who can to order for you.

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