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Japanese Movie Screenings with Foreign Language Subtitles

Memories of Matsuko

Memories of Matsuko

The International House in Osaka will be screening a couple of Japanese movies with foreign language subtitles in February and March.

They are:

Memories of Matsuko (Kiraware Matsuko no isshô) to be shown on Friday 20th February at 6.30pm with English subtitles

Tora-san’s Runaway (Otoko wa tsurai yo: Boukyou hen) to be shown on Friday 20th March at 6.30pm with Spanish subtitles.

Tickets are 500Yen and you can contact the International House by phone on 06-6773-8182 or email or visit their web site

Details of how to get there in English are here:

(The Spanish Map is actually in English too)

Midosuji OpenFesta (11th May 2008)

There’s going to be another street festival along the Midosuji Boulevard this Sunday (11th May). It will be between the Nagahoridori and Sennichimaedori. Roughly between Sogo and Namba if you are not familiar with the road names.

It’s from 2pm to 5pm (opening ceremony at 1.45pm close to the Sogo end) and there will be different theme areas. Starting at the Sogo end, the areas are Art, Fashion, Sports, Jazz and Dance. Highlights include appearances of Osaka Evessa at the Sports Area and the 3 Jazz stages. I do hope that they have made the stages raised after the viewing problems of the last time.

There’s also going to be a guest appearance of the popular comedy duo 藤崎マーケット best known for their La-La-La-Lai Taiso act.

Some other info, if it rains (which is likely) the event will still go ahead.   If you have a baby or toddler and need changing or feeding facilities Sogo’s 9F has a very good mother and baby area.  Finally I haven’t been able to find a web site with information in either English or Japanese!

Have fun if you go, and send us some photos!

Added new web cams side bar links

As I mentioned in the comments in this post I was thinking of adding the web cams to the side bar if I ever found or received links to others.  Just yesterday I came across the one in the Expo Park so now I’ve added the list to the right side bar under the Osaka Photos links.

The web cams are best during the day time and the Takatsuki one is my favourite.  As always if there are any others (I’m sure there are more than 3), please leave us a comment.  Thanks!

Universal Studios Japan Yearly Pass Offer

As I mentioned in my previous post, Universal Studios Japan are running a special offer for their yearly passes (until 31st Jan). They are called the Gold Pass and the Platinum Pass. They let you get into the attraction park as many times as you like for a year but there are some exception dates for the gold pass. There are no exceptions for the Platinum Pass.

Here are the prices (regular prices are in square brackets)

  • Gold Pass Adult: 11500 Yen [22000 Yen]
  • Gold Pass Children: 8200 Yen [16000 Yen]
  • Platinum Pass Adult: 17300 Yen [28000 Yen]
  • Platinum Pass Children: 11500 Yen [20000 Yen]

Since USJ haven’t bothered to update their page on their English site, here are the days you can’t use the USJ Gold Pass in Japanese. You can only order online if you can understand Japanese, so the best way is probably to go there directly or to ask a friend who can to order for you.

Osaka’s Live Web Cam

There must be more than one but I haven’t found any others.  It is located at the end of DenDen Town and points to the area around the Tsutenkaku Tower. No, it won’t be any use if you are hoping to spot cute girls around Osaka but it is controllable and it is live.  You’ll need Java to see and control the web-cam.

Here’s the  official and original page (controls are in Japanese):

and here is the same cam with the controls in English:

If you read Japanese then the original page has some information on the weather forecast as indicated by the colours displayed by the Tsutenkaku Tower.

If you know of any other web cams of the Osaka area please post a comment to tell us about it.

Midosuji Parade 2007 (御堂筋パレード)

[If you’re reading this on an archive page, you can find photos and a review of the Midosuji parade here]

This year’s Midosuji Parade will take place next Sunday (14th October) from 1pm to 5pm. It promises to be the spectacular show of colour, music and people as it is every year. But this year is a special year in that it is the 25th Midosuji Parade and it is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the completion of the Midosuji itself. You can find some photos of last year’s parade here. The International parade itself will have groups representing Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Russia, Eygpt and Boliva.

I’ve tried in vain to find the English version of the official site. I can only find last year’s one so here is the link to the Japanese site where you can find the route map. As far as I can tell the parade starts in front of the Osaka City Hall (closest subway station Yodoyabashi on the Midosuji line ) and ends at the intersection of the Midosuji and Nagahori-dori in Shinsaibashi. From there, there is a Matsuri area filled with more performers, events and fun stretching to the Sennichimae-dori past Namba.

I’ll be going if I can, if you spot me come and say hello.

[update: I got a copy of the Official Guide, my picks are the NPO Japan Whistling Association, Shiny Lemon Shower シャイニーレモンシャワー (just because of their name) and Kinki University’s Cheerleading Team. :D]