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Anyone know when the swings will be back?

A couple of months back, all the park swings in Osaka were taken away because of safety issues.  There had been accidents involving the swings and although safety checks were promised they weren’t carried out.  After another accident and a public outcry, all the swings were taken away for checks.  Word at the time was that they wouldn’t be back until every one was checked for defects.  That was sometime in the summer, so does anyone have any idea when they are due to return?

Osaka’s Live Web Cam

There must be more than one but I haven’t found any others.  It is located at the end of DenDen Town and points to the area around the Tsutenkaku Tower. No, it won’t be any use if you are hoping to spot cute girls around Osaka but it is controllable and it is live.  You’ll need Java to see and control the web-cam.

Here’s the  official and original page (controls are in Japanese):

and here is the same cam with the controls in English:

If you read Japanese then the original page has some information on the weather forecast as indicated by the colours displayed by the Tsutenkaku Tower.

If you know of any other web cams of the Osaka area please post a comment to tell us about it.

How this site came to be

I have two jobs, I am an Information Architect and I am also a public school teacher.  One of the projects for a 2nd year class last year was to design a poster promoting an area of Japan.  To give the students some help and reference, I designed an example piece based on Osaka.

When I had finished, I realised just how much there is in this city, a lot that is not in the typical tourist guide book, even Japanese language guide books.

I also remembered my first 4 weeks in Osaka and how helpful the fellow guest-house stayers were in telling me about cheap food, cheap things to do and where to go and where not to go.  I was also educated on the dangers of “English bandits”.  🙂

I believe the power of the web, is how it can be used by anyone to help others, to spread information and news.  So after much procrastination on the subject I finally put up my first post “So what’s so great about Osaka” on 26th January.  And that’s the story of how this site came to be.

Sayonara Sale Section Idea

It’s always sad to see someone leave Osaka, I have so many friends that have left after 2-3 years.  It is also a real pain in the butt for them to get rid of their stuff.  So I’ve been thinking of adding a new section to the site for everyone to advertise their sayonara sales.  That way people leaving Osaka can get rid of their stuff and current residents and newcomers can pick up stuff that they need cheaply.

There are still a few details to sort out but I am thinking that if the seller creates a web page in which the items to be sold, (pictures, prices, other details)  are displayed then I will just link to the page free of charge.  If the seller wants a page to be made up I can do so for 500Yen.  They just need to send me photos and details.  The money will be used for hosting charges of this site.

Details required would be name, rough location in Osaka, contact details and end of sale date (has to be less than 3 months).
What do you guys and gals think of the idea?

Updated the blogroll a little

I’ve added a couple of links to the sidebar, quite a few of you recommended An Englishman in Osaka as a funny read.

I’m still looking for more Osaka related blogs or Flickr photo-sets so keep on sending suggestions in.  🙂

Do you know of any good Osaka sites/blogs?

I’ve been neglecting the link list down the side of this blog for too long. I need to show it a little love and add some good links.

Do you know of any good sites or blogs on Osaka that I can add to the link list? Or do you have a blog that you want me to add a link to? If so, just leave a comment below with the site address.