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Ikea Shuttle Bus from Taisho cancelled

Ikea Bus by Mitikusa via flickr

Ikea Bus by Mitikusa via flickr

Unfortunately from today, the shuttle bus from Taisho to Ikea will be cancelled.  I can only imagine that it is due to cost cutting or problems with parking permissions, as there were definitely enough people using the service. I’ve been Ikea a few times and bought way too much stuff and always took the shuttle bus from Taisho (Sangenya) so it is sad news for me.  You can still get the 108A or 72A city bus to Tsuruhama though.  Unfortunately those buses take a long time because they make a lot of stops.

The shuttle bus from Namba is still operating.  More details here:

Osaka IKEA store planned for the summer

There’s been a lot of hype and publicity about the Kobe IKEA store that opened in April. It definitely lives up to its hype, being massive, fairly good value and with a huge range. I’m eyeing a bean bag tray for my laptop.

Strangely, what hasn’t been publicised is that IKEA will be opening up a store in Osaka. Not far from where I work in fact. I guess they don’t want to steal the thunder of the Kobe store so soon after its grand opening. I found out by chance when I was talking to a friend who works at IKEA. Here’s a link to the Osaka store place-holder page on the IKEA site. It has a map but no details of opening date or opening hours.

Word is that it will open sometime in August so there’s only another few months to wait. I’ll post more information when it is released.  I’m really looking forward to shopping (or just window shopping) there.

BTW. Don’t be mislead be the map, it is quite far from Taisho station and the Osaka Dome.

Where is Osaka’s Korean Town? (Tsuruhashi)

Are you a fan of Korean food?  Or seaweed?  Although you can find many Korean restaurants dotted around Osaka, did you know that Osaka has its own little Korean-town?  It is located in Tsuruhashi 鶴橋.

Well according to wikipedia it is the largest Korean town in Japan, larger than the one in Tokyo.  You can eat yakinuki Korean style, you can buy as much kimchi as you want and even find the traditional chima jeogori dresses of Korea in the shopping arcade streets.  It is well-worth spending an afternoon walking about the place, finishing with some nice yakiniku in the evening.

Getting to Tsuruhashi is really simple, there are no fewer than 3 stations.  You can go by subway on the Sennichimae line (Pink) (station number S19), or by JR Loop line (outer loop from Osaka Station) or by Kintestu Nara or Osaka lines.  I personally recommend either taking the subway or JR.

If you’ve been to Tsuruhashi, leave a comment and share your experiences with us.

Kick-ass Umeda Shopping Map

Found this reading my friend Daniel’s blog. It’s a B2 sized full colour shopping map of the underground area in Umeda. If you know about the area, you’ll know that there is a labyrinth of shops and malls down there. There are some gems of shops, and it is perfect for shopping during the rainy season 🙂 Daniel’s company Mojoworks art-directed and produced the map.

Unfortunately, the map is only available to guests staying in the major hotels in Umeda. If you’re one of the lucky ones, don’t forget to ask.

Sayonara Sale Section Idea

It’s always sad to see someone leave Osaka, I have so many friends that have left after 2-3 years.  It is also a real pain in the butt for them to get rid of their stuff.  So I’ve been thinking of adding a new section to the site for everyone to advertise their sayonara sales.  That way people leaving Osaka can get rid of their stuff and current residents and newcomers can pick up stuff that they need cheaply.

There are still a few details to sort out but I am thinking that if the seller creates a web page in which the items to be sold, (pictures, prices, other details)  are displayed then I will just link to the page free of charge.  If the seller wants a page to be made up I can do so for 500Yen.  They just need to send me photos and details.  The money will be used for hosting charges of this site.

Details required would be name, rough location in Osaka, contact details and end of sale date (has to be less than 3 months).
What do you guys and gals think of the idea?

Where to buy English books in Osaka?

When I first came to Osaka the first thing I found out was where to find English books. Most book even very big ones only sold Japanese books and maybe the odd imported US magazine (Cosmo, anyone?).

There are two bookstores I recommend, one is Junkudo and one is Kinokuniya. Kinokuniya is the shop that is beside the recommended meeting point Big Man while Junkudo is in Dojima in a big building called Avanza.

Of the two, Junkudo has a better range of books especially design and IT-related books, and is definitely more relaxed. You can take a book and sit in the book reading areas and skim through books. Kinokuniya is convenient (meeting point). Price-wise they are about the same, which means books are a little more expensive than I’m used to.

Because Junkudo might be a little hard to find by foot, I’ll add a map below:

Junkudo Bookstore Location